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There once was a house named Versailles

and in it resided the Sims of Jayden und Verwelkt.

11 February
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Layout by snubbly. Header image made by sailorvfan10/the_versailles.

The Versailles is the name of the house the Thurman-Changs live in (you'll meet them later). The actual name of the house comes from the fact that Manna's favourite anime is Rose of Versailles. This is the new home for my Sims, moved from 3 Sim Lane, which was for my Sims 1 families and was the temporary home of my Sims 2 legacies.

Versailles is the place where all of my Sims 2 families reside. All updates are done in the format of a legacy update, because I like that style and it reads like a story. And since everything's a story, they all have names.

A relatively peaceful town where everyone knows everyone. There are six (separate) families housed here:
- The Thurman-Changs [L'asile]
- The Midorikawas [The Cove]
- The Sexy StupidS (SSS) [3 Sim Lane Deux]
- The Morgans
- The Huurlings
- The Seiyuu [The House on the Left]
The Thurman-Changs, Midorikawas, and Morgans are all related to each other through marriages (Jayden Thurman-Chang married Hikaru Midorikawa; Estelle Ryan Thurman-Chang married Rutger Morgan).

Stories in this neighbourhood
The Thurman-Changs
- "The Benefits to Growing Up"
There are certain advantages and disadvantages to growing up into an adult. Don't you ever wish you could stay a child forever and not worry about things like boyfriends and carrying on the family name?

- "The Beginnings of a Trainwreck"
If one is asked the question, "Is your family weird?", they usually respond with, "No weirder than your average family." The Thurman-Changs cannot respond with that; instead, they respond with, "My family is under the 'dysfunctional' entry of the dictionary," and liken them to a trainwreck--no matter how many times you try to look away, you find it almost impossible, and you watch it even as it bursts into a fiery ball and explode. The Thurman-Changs find out what a trainwreck is the hard way.

- "Derailed"
Sometimes things don't pan out the way you want them to. Sometimes awful things happen when you expect good. Sometimes good happens when you expect bad. Sometimes you expect the brakes to work and they don't, leaving you with two choices: keep going and eventually crash and burn, or try to derail the train. Derailing prevents the fiery death one would otherwise have, and allows time for rebuilding.

The Midorikawas
"It's a Love Story"
Jayden Thurman-Chang never expected to spend her entire teen life crushing on a man who was old enough to be her father. Minus the whole 'families hating each other' schtick, it was like Romeo and Juliet. No one died in the end, either, but Kors Chang still didn't approve of his daughter's 'love'. She was too young to love, he said. Growing up so she was on more equal ground, she got engaged to her beau, Hikaru Midorikawa, and soon became pregnant with his child. Her father displeased, they quickly had a wedding in an attempt to stem the hate. Jayden thinks it's a love story out of a fairy tale--can she prove it to her father?

From SSS
"From Rags to Riches"
It was a good idea at the time. Eight childhood friends moving in together to pay the bills. Most of them had jobs to pay said bills, and those who didn't occupied their time with building skills to help make money from home. But first they needed a home and some money. Each of them had $2500 to their name and together they managed to pool together $20,000. This was enough to get them a decent sized lot. After building their house, they were left with very little money to decorate with, so they went without wallpaper and flooring. They had a cheap bookcase, all the basic necessities, a chess set, a cheap computer, some couches, and cots. Chris managed to smuggle an easel from his art class, and they found a working (but very old) TV in the junkyard one night. Their goal is to become rich and live in their dream house; perhaps even strike out on their own with a family of their own. But can they get along with their limited resources? Do they even have a chance at this, or is it just a pipe dream?


Nintendo Land
Scientists are trying to figure out how all of Nintendo's characters bamf'd into this one universe. It's a modern day AU based off of a little "continent" I made for my Super Smash Brothers Melee fanfictions. There is a grammar school named the Melee Academy of Primary Learning, one high school named the Melee Academy of Higher Learning, a private and afluent school, and no university because I don't have University because most students travel to other continents to go on to their advanced learning.

The families:
- The Manse
- The Parthenon
- Harkinian
- Pherae
- Ostia

Stories in this neighbourhood
The Manse
- "Feuer zu Asche, Wasser zu Eis" [Fire to Ashes, Water to Ice]
It started off normal. Everyone got along so well. A little too well at some points. Marth Lowell and Roy Pherae hit it off especially well and eventually became lovers of the monogamous sort. Samus vowed she wouldn't let a man (or woman) steal her heart. Lucas was too focused on studying aliens to care about much. Link and Zelda were on their way to getting together. But one little mistake can change the dynamics of everything, and Link is right in the middle. Can this be fixed or is it beyond repair?


Reset, NJ
Have you ever wished you could start over again? Wished there was an undo button in real life? Do you keep going, "What if this happened?" and ponder how everything would have changed? Welcome to Reset, NJ, the alternate universe to all the neighbourhoods. If you want a fresh start, call up your realtor, grab a house or an empty lot to build on, and watch as your previous life is erased from your memory.

The families in this hood are:
- The Thurman-Changs
- The Morgans
- The Midorikawas
- The Sexy Stupids
- The Einrechts
- Thurman
- The Nijis [Rainbow Challenge]

Stories in this neighbourhood:
The Thurman-Changs
- "Replay"
Manna Thurman was looking for a father figure for her three children: the twins Maruta and Maruto, and her youngest daughter Jayden. Her twin sister's now ex-husband was her boyfriend for quite some time now, and she was wondering if she should pop the question. She was glad she did, and into the family was Maria Chang, her niece-turned-stepdaughter. Together, Manna and Korsriddare sired a daughter named Rein. He was rich from studying quantum physics, so they worried about nothing and their children wanted for nothing. They bought a huge piece of land and built their current dream home on it with plenty of room for expansion--Manna and Kors were both Family Sims after all. Upon arrival into their new residence, Jayden greets a man by the name of Hikaru Midorikawa, their neighbour. Jayden gets a sense of deja vu, but thinks nothing of it. The two hit it off and before anyone realises, she's inviting him over every day. Teenage girls shouldn't be playing with older men, but they don't chide her until it's too late... Will things turn out different for the Thurman-Changs? Or will they end up in an endless waltz of dysfunctionality? Maybe it won't be so bad... Or maybe it will be worse...

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